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We are glad to welcome everyone who is close to the subject of mobile games and applications.

Our studio is engaged in the development of entertainment and functional applications on a turnkey basis.
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Dmitriy & Viktoriya
We started development in 2016.

The first product was the game "Jungle town", which took us 4 years to produce. On this project, we learned how to create games (applications) from scratch: from script development to programming, so we know all the processes from the inside with their charms and pitfalls.

We invite you to get to know our products better:

jungle town:
birthday quest
Jungle Town is an educational game for children from 2 to 5 years old, which teaches different life skills, contains tasks for logic, attentiveness and fine motor skills. All tasks are united by a common plot, which is based on the elephant's birthday, his friends prepare gifts with their own hands, and in the finale they go to a festive party. Thus, the educational elements are not presented traditionally, but are woven into the plot, so we can say with confidence that with Jungle Town the child develops while playing.
Children's educational game

fruit landia
Logic games are a quality rest, brain training and development of strategic thinking!
Puzzle game Fruit Landia is included in the category of "smart games", which means that you can not only relax and unwind while completing tasks, but also train your brain! The game also allows you to develop strategic thinking - after all, in order to complete the task, you often need to calculate combinations several moves ahead!
Match 3 puzzle game

word landia
Word Landia is an addictive blend of your favorite word games! With so many challenges, you'll soon be obsessed with checking your spelling and vocabulary to make as many words as possible!
Train your brain and vocabulary for free in this puzzle game! If you are a big fan of word games, be sure to try our game!
Puzzle game, jigsaw puzzle
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